Guitar Instructor (Pro) 1.8

Source:Okythoos Mobile

Learn how to play your favorite songs on the guitar!
Load any MIDI (.mid) or Karaoke (.kar) song file and strum the chords on the light-up virtual guitar fretboard or practise the notes on your own guitar. No need for guitar tabs!

=> View all notes and possible chord positions from MIDI files
=> Virtual Guitar fretboard with lightup chord and note positions
=> Virtual Guitar Instrument sounds (Nylon, Steel, Electric, Jazz, Distortion)
=> Chord Detection and Chord Name display optimization (Maj, Min, Aug, Dim, Sus2/4)
=> Support for multiple tracks MIDI file
=> Tempo Control so you can slow down, pause and practise specific sections.
=> Seek Control to skip to a specific section of the song
=> Construct and practise your own chords
=> Loop trainer for repetitive practise
=> Display scrollable lyrics for karaoke songs so you can sing along

** App requires Android 1.6+ and SD card **
** Screen Multi-touch is not supported by all devices.
** Playing notes on Virtual Guitar is not supported by all devices. Please try the Lite version first.
** App response and speed varies across devices.

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